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From my childhood I keep a pronounced taste and a passion for craftsmanship! My grandmother sewing teacher, and my talented cabinet maker father and upholsterer recognized designer taught me to appreciate handmade pieces in the love of the craft and the rules of art. I remember those long afternoons after school to stay in my father’s studio, and what a wonderful world! It’s all a mix of style, various forms and varied that pass in my hands, and unconsciously the taste of beautiful manufactured things attracts me inexorably! This is where I make my first weapons, I try to create wooden objects with these old tools. It is also here that I discover all this mixture of material: leather, hemp, string, rubber, fabrics, … With an ever greater desire to make my own objects.

Growing up between travels and meetings, my passion grows and the desire to start and create my own jewelry is affirmed. This is where I made my first jewels with a mixture of very varied materials: horn, plastiline, plexiglass, with which I created my first cuffs and earrings. Very quickly the metal is obvious for me, and my first carved or hammered models are emerging, the brand Metal Pointu’s was born!